Carpet Cleaning and Other Cleaning Services

Listed below are the carpet cleaning services and other home cleaning services that we offer.

Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation – Mild cleaning solution that doubles as a carpet protector – With the simple act of vacuuming, the Encapsulation enables you to extract more dirt, protecting your carpet from wear – This means it stays cleaner longer.

Residue-Free Steam Cleaning – All carpet is pre-sprayed before the cleaning begins to break up oils and dirt. We then rinse the carpet with FRESH steam extracting ALL detergent along with the dirt and oils. This means there are no sticky detergents left behind to attract dirt and damage carpet fibers.

Fast Dry Times – We have an advanced truck mount system and upon request, a VERY powerful floor fan that can have your carpets dry VERY quickly. I know … it sounds too good to be true. Heavier soiled carpets may take a little longer but still not nearly as long as typical steam cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

From furniture to your car’s floorboards, we can steam clean or dry clean upholstered surfaces. We provide both methods of service depending on the fabric type. With steam cleaning, we gently agitate the upholstery surface with a mild detergent and then steam extract all detergents along with oils and dirt. With dry cleaning, a formulated and very delicate solvent is used and then we only use suction to remove excess moisture and dirt from the fabric.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

When mopping just isn’t penetrating those grout lines and the floor still appears dirty, let us help you get it done right. We use a simple process with a strong solvent that loosens all the dirt and grime. Then with a high-pressure spray and suction we rinse and remove all soaps and contaminants leaving your tile and grout clean. You couldn’t get it any cleaner if you put it in your dishwasher.

Air Duct Cleaning

Everybody knows the negative effects of airborne dust and allergens, but most people don’t do anything to protect themselves beyond changing their air filters. We brush the walls of your air ducts with a revolutionary new tool that knocks 98% of particles from your ducts and then immediately into the vacuum tube. Then to ensure that they are completely clean, we make a second pass. We treat the ducts with an anti-microbial to prevent mold or germ buildup. Fresh air returns are also cleaned and vacuumed at NO EXTRA COST to you. Who says you can’t have Cleaner Happier Lungs as well?

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