Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What cleaning method do you use?
A. We use an advanced Steam cleaning method and then take it a step further to ensure a soft residue free clean.

Q. Does steam cleaning get the carpet too wet?
A. No, the revolutionary equipment used by Marton’s Carpet Care allows for minimal wetting. Our powerful truck mount combined with a special wand allows for more water removal AND we use a very powerful fan that dries it out fast.

Q. How fast does it dry?
A. This is often a hard question to answer because it depends on how soiled the carpet is and the type of carpet you have. However, with our advanced truckmount system we have had some carpets dry in under an hour. Typically in the worst case scenario we can have your carpets dry in just a few hours.

Q. Can you get out red stains such as Kool-Aid?
A. Yes, in most cases the stain can be completely removed through a dye transfer process where we transfer the color of the stain from your carpet into a rag or cloth.

Q. Will the Carpets re-soil faster AFTER its cleaning?
A. No, not with Marton’s Carpet Care. We do a thorough fresh steam extraction leaving no residue to attract dirt. Actually with Marton’s Carpet Care it will stay cleaner longer because we use an encapsulation process.

Q. Is the popular “dry” cleaning process really better or safer for my carpets than steam cleaning?
A. No, it does not leave less residue than the typical steam cleaning. These were marketing claims based on previous “carpet shampooing” problems prior to the birth of steam cleaning in the late 70’s. Mild soaps and dirt can be completely removed with a short and safe dry time. We like to pull the dirt and detergents out of your carpet and put them in our truck, not just rub them in.

Q. Why do some spots return even after a professional cleaning?
A. If contaminants have absorbed into the carpet backing or the pad, spots can resurface over time by “wicking” or migrating up through the carpet fibers, especially when the spot is moistened.

Q. How is the “wicking” problem solved?
A. Marton’s Carpet Care uses a revolutionary sub-floor extractor called the “WaterClaw.” The WaterClaw safely flushes contaminants (even pet odors) out of the carpet backing and pad from the surface, without detaching or puncturing the carpet or pad. It eliminates the stain on all levels.

Q. Do you move furniture?
A. Yes, on request we move couches and other light furniture around. For liability issues we do not move items such as electronic equipment or heavy things like book shelves.

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