Natural Stone Cleaning

Granite Countertop Cleaning and
Other Stone Surface Cleaning

Stone countertops, floors, and other natural stone surfaces add value to your home, but they must be cleaned and maintained correctly to retain their beauty.

Marton’s Carpet Care also offers professional granite countertop cleaning and other cleaning services for the stone surfaces in your home.

Choose from one of our stone cleaning services below:

  • Routine Cleaning
  • Natural Stone Restoration
  • Protective Stone Sealing

Read more about each service below.


Routine Stone Cleaning

Stone is a very unique material, even when it comes to cleaning it correctly.

Because stone is both porous and sensitive to a variety of chemicals that can damage it permanently, it is extremely important to clean it with the correct cleaning agents and with the right technique.

Did you know that many of your regular household cleaners can erode or color stain your natural stone?

At Marton’s, we’re experts at stone cleaning, just like with carpet cleaning. Our routine stone cleaning service will guarantee that your granite countertops and other stone surfaces get cleaned correctly — damage-free and with a like-new shine.

Natural Stone Restoration

Relax. If your stone has sustained some damage from friction or chemicals, we can help you restore it in most cases.

Using specialized polishing pads infused with diamonds, we’ll carefully polish your granite countertops or stone tile back to its original shine. This is one of Marton’s Carpet Care’s signature services.

Got uneven tiles? Our stone restoration service can take care of that, too!

Protective Stone Sealing

If you own natural stone of some kind, chances are that you’ve heard of stone sealer. If not, here’s a quick explanation.

Natural stone is deceptively porous and vulnerable to damage between cleaning, and that’s where stone sealing comes in.

Sealing your stone countertops or floors with a stone sealer will create a clear protective layer over your stone that will prevent this kind of damage between cleanings.

It is important to be wary of “sealing” products easily found at that store that do not match professional grade specifications. Often, these products will actually damage your natural stone.

Marton’s only uses the highest quality professional stone sealing products on the market to ensure that your attractive investments are protected against future damage.

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