Pet Odor Treatment Service

Pets have accidents…As much as we love them, it usually happens. Unfortunately, urine soaks down beneath the pad and stays.

The old way of cleaning it was to tear up the carpet and replace the pad after a lengthy treatment process on both the carpet and the cement. All of the extra labor and materials would mean more expense.

Marton’s Carpet Care offers a pet odor treatment service that treats urine stains all the way down to the concrete LEAVING EVERYTHING INTACT.

  1. Utilizing a Controlled Flood Method soak the affected area with ENZYMES
    to eat away the odor causing urine and acids.
  2. We then use the sub-floor extraction tool to extract all excess urine
    and chemicals. No odor and no urine are left behind.

Less expensive and more effective. That’s the bottom line.

Award-Winning Service

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