Emergency Flood Extraction

24 Hour Flood Extraction

If you have ever had a flooded home, you know it can be a costly and time-consuming ordeal. With Marton’s Carpet Care we are very happy to relieve you of a majority of the cost and do it all in JUST ONE VISIT.

  1. Sub-floor extraction allows us to extract excess water all the way from beneath the pad to the top of your carpet fibers. This means we DO NOT have to remove any affected pad.
  2. What about the odor-causing bacteria and mold? We then RE-FLOOD the affected area with ENZYMES and anti-microbials that destroy any molds or bacteria that would normally cause odors and damage.
  3. Again, sub-floor extraction. We then re-extract the excess chemicals that we flooded your carpets with to allow for minimum drying times, leaving only enough Enzymes to continue to destroy the molds and bacteria until it dries.

Avoiding pad removal means we do not have to schedule another appointment to relay the pad and do costly repairs. You will be water-free and odor-free in JUST ONE VISIT. Marton’s Carpet Care knows the importance of making you happy.

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